Central Carolina Driving Club

Modfied: December 29, 2011
Welcome to CCDC on the web.

CCDC is a membership organization formed to support and encourage carriage driving. The group is based in North Carolina with members that span the entire state, though most are located in the "central" piedmont area of NC. The club is a diverse group including drivers of all skill levels as well as a wide range of ages, from junior whips as young as nine, to senior citizens, and every age between.

2010-2011 CCDC Officers

President - Linda Sewall

Vice President - Kathleen Downs

Treasurer - Connie Hussey

Secretary - We are in need of one!

In September of each year, CCDC produces the Carolina Fall Classic Pleasure Driving Show.  The CCDC has other fun driving events during the year at various locations throughout the state. CCDC also supports and assists other organizations and individuals who wish to produce carriage driving events in North Carolina. Club membership includes a monthly newsletter with information about area shows and activities and also entitles you to free line ads and advertising discounts.

If you have information for the newsletter or web site, send that info to carolinadriving@yahoo.com.

Almost all the information on this website can be found in the newsletter.  Classifieds and Calendar are most up to date in the newsletter.

President's Message

The Moore County Driving Club is moving the Carriage Classic to Claire Reed's Farm in Southern Pines. They will be offering driven dressage for the first time in many years. We've had a request to hold a dressage clinic to help our members prepare. I plan to organize one in the spring. Does anyone have a flat area large enough for a driven dressage arena? It needs to be at least 40 meters X 80 meters. Pat and Gail Riley have one here in Greene County but I know the Raleigh folks prefer not to travel. Also, any suggestions on preferred clinicians? Claudia Coombs, a former member who has competed in advanced CDEs and now teaches ridden dressage has offered to help. Any other requests?ml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

 Congratulations to Jacob Arnold, son of former members Mike and Penny Arnold. Jacob was named the USEF Junior Equestrian of the Year earlier this week! We can all say "We knew him when...." since when we first met Jacob he was just learning to drive with a small, not so fast pony. Now he's competing in CDEs internationally with the family's faithful Morgan, Shadow. You may also remember Shadow with Dad, Mike, driving in numerous pleasure driving shows throughout our area.


Happy Holidays to everyone. Lets hope 2012 is a great one - at least better than 2011! Linda

Calling All Participants!
Need your stories if you have been to a recent show; clinic; event etc.!

Recent Events (more information in the newsletter)


The Carolina Fall Classic was held at the beautiful Pepperwood Farm near Fuquay Varina. Pepperwood has an indoor arena, a big sand outdoor ring, a field for cones, gorgeous stabling, miles of trails and plenty of parking. It is much less expensive than the fairgrounds and we can have a fall date.

Check out the wonderful pictures of the Fall Classic 2011 courtesy John Classen…..


September 17-18, 2011

Click Here for Great Pics of the Fall Classic

Please share this info with anyone you think might be interested. 


Trails Updates!!!


On behalf of CCDC Linda applied for and received a "Special Use Permit" to allow carriage driving at Umstead Park! The trails there are smooth and wide so they are great for carriages. If you haven't ever ridden on the trails, you may want to ride there first (or go with someone who knows the trails) since a few of the bridges are a little narrow. Your carriage will fit but since you can drive for miles without the risk, you may want to avoid those areas. The park has a nice trailer parking area complete with drinking water for horses and people, restrooms and picnic tables. After heavy rain the parking area may be muddy. Call ahead to make sure it is ok.There are some rules! Please follow them so we can enjoy this resource.

1. Monday - Thursday only! The trails are heavily used by bikes, walkers, baby strollers, runners, riders etc on the weekends.

2. Call a day ahead to arrange for a ranger to meet you to unlock the gate. Riders can follow the trail around the gate but the gate must be opened to let carriages in.

3. Stop at the visitors center to sign in and let them know you are ready for the gate to be opened.

4. ALL HORSES ENTERING THE PARK MUST HAVE A NEGATIVE COGGINS and show it at the visitors center. They will make a copy and keep it on file. After the first time your name will be in the computer so check-in goes pretty fast. 

5 Single horses only. Vehicles less than 6 feet wide.

6. Use only designated Bike and Bridle trails. Hiking trails are off limits.

7. Horses at the park should be reasonably accustomed to bikes, dogs on leashes and baby strollers!